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The White House Collection of Choice by Discerning Limited Edition Collectors and Gift Givers Since 1946

An on-duty member of Secret Service Uniformed Division placed our first Ornament on the White House Christmas Tree decades ago. Now, the collection is prized by discerning collectors, traders, and gift givers worldwide with two new ornaments and displays added each year to the main collection. The White House Collection began in 1946 with a simple ball ornament.

This year's main collection White House ornaments for 2016 (with two additional undated White House ornaments also available) are:

2017 — 58th Inauguration of the President and Vice President on One Side with the President's First White House Easter Commemorative Medallion on the Other Side. Giannini Design. 24-Karat Gold Finish, Purple Baked Enamels, White House Design Motifs, Elegant Blue Gift Box, 2 Inset Commemorative Medallions, 6 Swarovski® Crystals. LIMITED EDITION OF 1500, WHEN SOLD THEY ARE GONE FOREVER.

2016 — SOLD OUT. Limited Edition — George Washington: Order of the Purple Heart and the Liberation of Boston with Special White House Display Stand, Designed by Anthony Giannini, USAFR, Limited to 2500

2016 — NEARLY SOLD OUT. President Obama East Room Signing Commemorative, Designed by Anthony Giannini, USAFR, Limited to 1500

The White House Gift Shop® is protected by exclusive trademark rights granted WHGS in our 70th year of service by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our provenance and history began as the White House Flower Fund in 1946 which became The White House Gift Shop in 1950, by permanent memorandum of President Harry S. Truman with guidance by Chief of U.S. Secret Service, Inspector of the White House Police, General Harry S. Vaughan, U.S. Army, and with support by volunteer members for seven decades of the Secret Service Uniformed Division.

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