History of The White House Gift Shop®

Established 1946 by President Truman and Members of U.S. Secret Service
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Exclusive Trademarks

Shown Above is the USTPO Trademark: The United States Patent and Trademark Office Recognized the Legacy of the "Only Official Original" White House Gift Shop and Granted Sole, Exclusive, and Primary Trademark Registration Protections to The White House Gift Shop® and The White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946 and by Law all Variants Thereof

The origin of the White House Gift Shop began as The White House Flower Fund which was renamed The White House
Police Benefit Fund on September 9, 1946 by President Harry S. Truman and permantly ordered in 1951 by presidential memorandum.

The White House Police Fund's objectives were to provide flowers when a member had a death in their immediate family and to present a special gift to retiring White House Police (now the Uniformed Division of United States Secret Service) members.

On November 1, 1950, White House Police Officer Leslie Coffelt was killed and two other Officers, Joseph Davidson and Donald Birdzell, were injured while defending President Truman during an assassination attempt at Blair House. Following this assassination attempt and the heroic actions of Officer Coffelt, President Truman by permanent Presidential Order in coordination with then Chief of Secret Service, James Rowley and Army Brigadier General Harry Vaughan, enlarged the mission of the White House Police Fund which was renamed The White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946.

On November 1st, of each year, the men and women of the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division honor the anniversary of Officer Coffelt's supreme sacrifice with a wreath laying ceremony at Blair House.

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Anthony Giannini, M.A., M.S., Ed.M

Military & Government Education/Experiences: Special Advisor to U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division Fund, Advanced Intelligence Analyst, Advanced Aerial Imagery Analyst, Signal System Analyst, Human Intelligence/HUMINT, Counterintelligence Agent (U.S. Army); Medical Intelligence, CBRNE Medical Survival, Counter Electronic Warfare, Technical Training Administrator (U.S. Air Force), Naval Infrastructure Protection, IED Task Force (U.S. Marine Corps), Epidemiology (Center for Disease Control); Counter IED CREW Team Leader (University of Military Intelligence); Protection of the President (USA), Flight Surgeon Training (USAF), Tactical Aerial Port Operations (USAF), Former UGOV.GOV Team Member Projects CIA, NSA, CDC, DOD, Signal Interceptor/Locator (USA), Law of Intelligence/INT-LAW (Army Judge Advocate General School/JAG); Counter Human Trafficking in Children, DOD Risk Analyst, Antiterrorism Officer (Defense Security Service Academy)