The White House Gold Filigree Easter Egg Roll Heirloom Eggs of the White House Gift Shop includes 2016, 2015, and 2014.

*** Hand Crafted Giannini Designed Eggs - Total of 6 Gold Eggs***

Individually and Elegantly Boxed and Includes -

Egg #1 :Newest 2018 Cherry Blossom Gold Egg

Egg #2: 2017 White House 24-Karat Gold Finished Easter Egg Collection

Rose-Gold Filigree, 2 Insets, 6 Purple Amethyst Crystals

Commemorates 58th Presidential Inauguration and the President's First 2017 Easter Egg Roll

Egg #3: The Inauguration of a United States President is the Most Significant Event in the United States Government

The 2017 White House Easter Egg Represents the Confluence of Both the Presidential Inauguration and the President's First White House Easter Egg Roll and Celebration. Egg #3 celebrates the

58th Presidential Inauguration — January 20, 2017

Donald J. Trump as 45th President and Mike Pence as Vice President

Designed to Museum Level Archival Specifications for Your Family from Generation to Generations — Centuries Hence — a Feature of all Genuine White House Gift Shop® Exclusive Collections

This exquisite set is timelessly designed to precise museum archival specifications for you by Giannini and 100% handcrafted in the USA by the official White House ornament maker and features — handcrafted in the USA, elegant 24-karat gold finish, perfectly baked enamels, intricate filigree on nickel plated brass that is finished in gold for timeless preservation, depending on year - the White House north or south lawn view in sealed preservation dome, beautifully boxed for collection or gift giving.

White House Easter Eggs Signed

EGGS # 4, 5, and 6: 2016, 2015, 2014 White House 24-KT Gold Heirloom Easter Eggs are Included - Plus the 2017 Inauguration Commemorative

The 2017 Inauguration Limited Edition Commemorative is Included: 58th Presidential Inauguration and the President's First White House Easter Egg Roll


The original site of the Easter Monday Egg Roll was the grounds of the United States Capitol. By the mid-1870s, the egg rolling activities on the West Terraces had gained notoriety as the children turned the Capitol grounds into their Easter Monday playground. The first egg rolls, largely family affairs, seem to have been held during the administration of President Andrew Johnson. Youngsters of the President's family dyed eggs on Sunday for the Monday rolling, which the First Lady would watch from the South Portico. The workers and tourists watched in fascination as the children rolled both their hard boiled eggs and themselves down the lush green hills.

The egg roll activity of 1876 took its toll on the grounds, a fact that did not go unnoticed by members of Congress. With an already inadequate budget to complete the landscaping and maintenance of the grounds, Congress passed a law forbidding the Capitol grounds to be used as a children's playground. The law was to be enforced in 1877. But that Easter Monday rain poured down, canceling any outdoor activities sending the egg rollers indoors to play.

On Easter Saturday of 1878, a small announcement in the local press informed the egg rollers the new law would be enforced. President Rutherford B. Hayes, taking his daily walk, was approached by a number of young egg rollers who inquired about the possibilities of egg rolling on the South Lawn of the White House. President Hayes, upon his return to the White House, issued an official order that should any children arrive to egg roll on Easter Monday, they were to be allowed to do so. That Monday, as children were being turned away from the Capitol grounds, word quickly spread to go to the White House!

President Hayes and his wife, Lucy, officially opened the White House grounds to the children of the area for egg rolling that Easter Monday. Successive Presidents continued the tradition, and the event has been held on the South Lawn ever since.