1992 White House Ornament
The White House Ornament, 1992, George Herbert Walker Bush Oval Office from The Official White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946
White House Blue Room


This "Rooms Collection" is an Ongoing Series Based on White House Design History with New Rooms Presently in Design and the Lincoln Bedroom Coming Soon!

The Oval Office, Blue Room, State Dining Room, Red Room, Green Room, East Room, & The White House Ornament

The White House Rooms available include the Oval Office, the State Dining Room, the Blue Room, the Green Room, the Red Room, and the East Room with more rooms coming soon! Accurate and 3-D Interior View of White House Rooms. The Oval Office: Architect Nathan C. Wyeth at the order of President William Howard Taft designed the office in 1909. Named for its distinctive oval shape, the Oval Office is part of the complex of offices that make up the West Wing of the White House. The Blue Room: Is located in the center of the State Floor of the White House. The President uses the Blue Room to receive many of his guests, from foreign heads of state to members of Congress. State Dining Room: The State Dining Room, which now seats as many as 140 guests, was originally much smaller and served at various times as a drawing room, office, and Cabinet Room. Not until the Andrew Jackson administration was it called the "State Dining Room," although previous Presidents had used it for formal dinners. The Red Room: The Red Room traditionally has served as a parlor or sitting room; recent Presidents have had small dinner parties here. During the Madison administration, the room became Dolley Madison's famous salon. Yellow dominated the color scheme until 1845, when President and Mrs. Polk furnished the room with a dark crimson French Antique style suite and a ruby carpet. Soon the "Washington Parlor" became the "Red Room." The Green Room: James Hoban, the original architect of the President's House, intended that the space now called the "Green Room" be used as a "Common Dining Room." Charles McKim renovated the White House for President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. In the Green Room, the architect covered the walls in green velvet and relocated a white marble mantle from the State Dining Room. Remarkable works of art grace the Green Room walls. The East Room: Ascending from the Ground Floor Corridor, a marble stairway leads the White House visitor to the state floor level. Off the landing to the right is the East Room. The largest of the state rooms, it was designed by James Hoban and George Washington to be a "Public Audience Room."

These exceptional collectibles and gifts are handcrafted in Rhode Island, USA, by the official ornament makers based on design concepts by Giannini, are completely finished in 24KT gold on premium brass with exquisitely baked enamels, and include an informational history card for each piece in this exceptional new White House Collection.

The White House National Architectural Ornament: The 2014 White House, the first in this series, is 3.25" x 2.75" x 2" and completely finished in 24KT gold, custom handmade in the USA by the official ornament makers, includes a personalized and signed Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity on 8.5" x 11" parchment paper frame-ready for display, collection, or gift giving value and meaning.

Each year, we design and make a new and different National Architecture historic ornament that stands alone for shelf, credenza, or desk display, year-round, or decorates your Holiday, New Year, or Christmas tree with its gold cord. This exceptional piece in the new White House National Architecture series is a great chance to begin your White House and National Architecture heirloom collection!

White House Flag
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Government Specified America Flag

  • Impressive, Large, Premium Quality Flag - From the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946
  • Our government specifications American Flag features the official 1 to 1.9 hoist to fly ratio
  • Matches the Flags flown at the White House (several sizes are available) and many other government buildings, by the U.S. Government per N.S. Code, Title 4 Spec.
  • Made of parachute grade nylon NYLON
  • 5' x 9' 6"
  • Matching thread colors, heavy canvas-duck header, solid brass grommets that are rust resistant, embroidered stars, stitched stripes
  • Made in the USA!