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The Fascinating History of The White House Gift Shop

The White House Gift Shop
, the iconic symbol of Americana, traces its rich legacy back to the early pages of the nation's history, all the way to 1946. Today, we offer authentic presidential memorabilia of all kinds, including White House ornaments, presidential coins, and custom-made wine glasses. Continue reading to see how we've evolved over the decades, and shop online today!

The White House Flower Fund

Originally conceived as the White House Flower Fund, its primary purpose was to provide financial assistance for White House staff in times of need. In 1946, it was renamed The White House Police Benefit Fund, and its objective was to provide flowers when a member of the White House Police (now the Uniformed Division of United States Secret Service) had a death in their immediate family.

The White House Gift Shop

In 1950, the mission of the The White House Police Benefit Fund was expanded when White House Police Officer Leslie Coffelt was killed protecting President Harry Truman during an assassination attempt. It was renamed The White House Gift Shop.

Current Mission

The venture continued to transition in the 1950s as the scope expanded to offer financial support not only amid crises but also for educational purposes. The transition marked the advent of a unique tradition – the sale of mementos reflecting the rich history, culture, and political dynamism of the United States. Throughout the years, The White House Gift Shop began to serve as a tangible link between every citizen's personal narrative and the spirit of the nation.

What We Offer Today

The White House Gift Shop hosts an incredible assortment of official, presidential-themed memorabilia, ranging from official White House ornaments, coffee mugs, bobble dolls, and even photo books. Behind each souvenir, there is a story, a reflection of the country's resilience, the struggles and victories experienced, the fevered journey towards progress, and a sense of unity that binds every American.

A Collection of Memories

Despite profound changes in times and circumstances, the White House Gift Shop has remained consistent in its mission to promote the nation's heritage. More than just a repository of souvenirs, it stands as a place where memories have been created and shared among millions of visitors.

Online Shopping

The White House Gift Shop has also evolved with the digital age, modernizing its services while retaining its age-old charm. Featured products and exclusive items are now conveniently available online, offering a seamless shopping experience. Yet, it has retained a personal touch. We are always here to help answer questions and are ready to help you find what you need.

Institution of Pride

The White House Gift Shop, that humble yet profound gesture set up in 1946, has grown into an institution of pride and heritage. It mirrors the journey of a resilient nation, underscoring the imperatives of unity, acknowledgment of history, and a progressive outlook.

The rhythmic beat of American history and the echoing stories of its past leaders give life to the material items found within the Gift Shop. These White House souvenirs do more than offer a mere nod to the past; they echo the heart of America itself. When you visit the White House Gift Shop, you're not just shopping; you're traversing through richly woven narratives of American history, participating in a legacy that continually shapes the nation's present and future.


The White House Gift Shop is, thus, a historical gem. Its fascinating history is evidence of an ever-present American spirit - undying, resilient, and eternally optimistic. As our shop continues its journey, each White House souvenir purchased will forever be a piece of White House wonder — a snippet of a nation's great narrative. To get a piece of American history and culture, visit us online today.