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The White House Gift Shop has a rich history of offering commemorative Easter eggs that have become an integral part of American traditions. These beautifully designed eggs, each representing a different administration, serve as a symbol of the country's heritage and the significance of Easter celebrations at the White House. Shop our collection of White House Easter Eggs today.

The White House Easter Egg Roll

Since the first official White House Easter Egg Roll in 1878, the event has evolved into a cherished annual tradition. In 1981, the White House Historical Association started collaborating with the White House Gift Shop to create exclusive Easter egg collections.

The Designs

Each year, a new Easter egg design is unveiled, reflecting the administration's unique style and values. From intricate engravings to vibrant colors, these eggs capture the essence of the respective administrations. The egg collections feature the presidential seal, the year of the presidency, and often incorporate iconic elements from the time, such as notable landmarks or symbols.

How We Help

The proceeds from the sales of these White House Easter Eggs support the White House Historical Association's mission to preserve and educate the public about White House history, as well as giving back to various non-profit and law enforcement organizations. This creates a lasting legacy, allowing generations to appreciate and learn about the rich heritage of the United States.

Collect Them All

The White House Easter Egg Collections have become highly sought-after and collectible items. They serve not only as symbolic representations of the respective administrations but also as cherished keepsakes for families across the nation. Many people eagerly await the release of the new designs each year, making these commemorative eggs an essential part of Easter celebrations for countless Americans.


The White House Easter Egg Collections from the White House Gift Shop have a storied history and a lasting legacy. They showcase the unique designs of each administration while supporting the preservation of White House history. These commemorative White House Easter Eggs have become cherished symbols and collectibles that bring joy and a reminder of American heritage to households nationwide. Buy White House Easter Eggs today!

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