Welcome to the original and officially authorized White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946 by permanent order of President Harry S. Truman. For 70 years the White House Gift Shop is the authentic place for Presidential, White House, Diplomatic, Washington DC gifts, and our globally prized annual White House Christmas, Holidays, National Architecture ornaments & Easter Eggs. Once located in the White House, post-9/11, we are online for your convenience. For help call Rachel at 877 896-3609. -- Anthony Giannini, Executive Director/CEO

2015 White House Glass Easter Egg 2015 White House Ornament 2015 White House Glass Easter Egg White House Official Architecture Ornaments
Great Eagle & Obama Pen 2014 Complete Easter Egg Collection 2014 White House Architecture Ornament White House 2015 Easter Egg
Obama Flag Pin American Flag Cufflinks United States Capitol Gold Ornament Made in USA American Flag Pin
America Flag Pin with Banner Wave United States Supreme Court Model and Ornament 2014 White House Glass Easter Egg Rooms of the White House
American Flag Pin White House 2015 Easter Egg Official White House Ornament Collection

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