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air force one umbrella Rooms of the White House President Cobalt Lapel Pin White House Challenge Coin
2015 White House Ornament White House Gold Ornament Air Force One Seal Umbrella
2015 White House Ornament United States Capitol Gold Ornament Great Eagle Lapel Pin 2015 White House Ornament
Obama Flag Pin White House Oval Office 2015 White House Glass Easter Egg White House Historical Association Ornament Collection
9/11 Flag of Honor White House Lincoln Bedroom The White House Seal Hand Towel Official White House Ornament Collection
2014 Complete Easter Egg Collection President Lacquer Pen Set Air Force One Seal of the President Portfilio
President Lapel Pin White House 2015 Easter Egg Rooms of the White House Mug United States Supreme Court Model and Ornament
2015 White House Ornanents White House Yellow Oval Room Capitol Coin
White House Member White House Cufflinks Set Official White House Ornament Collection
2015 Historical Association Ornament American Flag Cufflinks White House State Dining Room Jorg Gray Secret Service Watch

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Today's Super Deal!

The White House Chef's Journal Set, White House Chef Apron, White House Seal Journal (9" x 7"), & White House Black Lacquer Pen in a White House Seal Gold Seal Pen Presentation Box, Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity of WHGS Origin

Regular Price: $89.00
Sale: $79.95
White House Chef Apron & Journal
The Perfect Set for the Discerning Chef in Chief! This set includes The White House Chef Apron (Presidential Seal, Commander in Chef, Embroidered, Midnight Blue, Custom Made, Superior Quality, Easy Care Machine Wash & Dry, Fits All, Perfect Gift for You or the Chef in Your Life from the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946), The White House Journal Book (Elegantly Debossed White House Seal, Perfectly Simulated Italian Leather, Terra Cotta, Pen Loop, 150 Bound & Lined Journal Pages, 9" x 7", Boxed with White House Gift Shop Official Seal on Lid), and The White House Black Lacquer Presidential Roller Ball Pen (22KT Gold Plated Accents, Consistent Flow, Less Hand Stress, Quick Writing, Comfort, Two Piece, Sleek Profile, White House Seal Gold Seal Pen Presentation Box. The White House two piece roller ball pen with sleek black lacquer finish, 24K gold-plated trim, and machined brass coupling has the elegant look, feel, presence, and performance of a $120.00 or more fine writing instrument at a fraction of the cost. Includes a White House black and gold seal two piece collection or gift presentation box. Perfect for distinguished individual or large group gifts. Refill cartridges are available in the pen section of the White House Gift Shop). Perfect for recording recipes, culinary tips, and much more!