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White House and Capitol Ornaments Collection

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White House & Capitol Ornaments
Special Pre-Order Price, LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE at this Pre-Order Price, Order Now to Assure Availability! (President Truman Ornament Ships Same Day as Order and U.S. Capitol Building Ships October 1st, 2014 with both ornaments individually gift boxed in two-piece gold moire presentation box) -- the combination set of the 2014 White House Ornament, President Truman's Balcony and the 2015 National Architecture Ornament, #2 in the National Collection, is this year's top global choice by discerning heirloom ornament collectors, gift givers, and traders. See also the 2014 National Architecture Ornament/Model, #1 in Collection -- The White House.

The 2015 White House Architecture Ornament Capitol Building with Signed Certificate of Authenticity

(Ships October 1st, 2014)

The National Architecture ornament for 2015 is the United States Capitol Building. The 2015 United States Capitol Building is completely finished in 24KT gold on specially treated brass to museum level quality, art deco proportioned, design by Giannini, and is meticulously handmade in Rhode Island, USA, and is the 2nd piece in the National Architecture Collection of the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946. The 2015 Capitol Building is designed to sparkle with jewel-like brilliance and gem-like proportions for display on your Holiday or Christmas tree from its gold cord as well as for permanent, year-round, presentation on your desk, credenza, or display case. Includes a personalized and signed Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity of Origin for display, collection, or gift giving value.

Each year, the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946 designs and makes a new National Architecture ornament to commemorate great American architects and architectural symbols of America. This exceptional piece, the second in this new collection, is a great chance to begin or continue your United States National Architecture heirloom collection.

Dimensions: 4.5" x 1.5" x 2" (to peak of dome)

The 2014 White House ornament is available now and honors President Harry S. Truman with Signed Certificate of Authenticity

The 2014 Christmas and Holidays ornament is titled TRUMAN'S BALCONY and is the 26th ornament in the globally prized, quarter of a century, White House Gift Shop's Official Ornament Collection. Features: Handmade in the USA by the official ornament maker, 24KT gold finished, brilliant baked enamels, museum quality, heirloom design, inscribed quote of President Truman with Administration dates on reverse, historical information card, designed by Giannini, and includes a hand-signed Certificate of White House Gift Shop Appreciation Authenticity of Origin in your name or the names of each of your gift recipients. Of significance for your collectible or gift -- the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946 was created by Permanent Presidential Memorandum of President H. S. Truman which adds substance and meaning to your 2014 White House ornament.
Ornament dimensions: 3x 2.5 inches

It would be far more architecturally correct to have a balcony up here! -- President Harry S. Truman


The 2014 White House Gift Shop’s official annual ornament honors President Harry S. Truman, thirty-third president of the United States from 1945-1953. Truman came from modest beginnings, grew up on the family farm in Independence, Missouri, and did not attend college. After high school, he worked as a time keeper, clerk, bookkeeper, farmer, then joined the National Guard. When World War I erupted, Truman volunteered for duty. Truman’s organization and leadership skills were soon recognized, and he was quickly promoted to captain in France. Despite his often shy and modest temperament, Truman captured the respect and admiration of his men, leading them successfully through heavy fighting during the Meuse-Argonne campaign. Among Truman’s accomplishments as President were ending World War II, containment of the conflict in Korea, initiating the Berlin Airlift, creation of his Fair Deal, banning racial discrimination in federal hiring practices, and desegregation of the military. Truman was not afraid of contentious or unpopular causes, one of the core traits of presidential leadership.


“It would be far more architecturally correct to have a balcony up here!”

President Truman spoke these words during the week of February 1946 and subsequently forged ahead to make the first change to the White House since 1872-- the replacement of the canvas canopies on the south face of the White House with the now iconic South Balcony of the White House. Truman's proposal for a balcony sparked outrage and debate in America about the mutilation of the White House. Critics abounded at Truman’s proposal to change the White House face, the first exterior change of the White House in 117 years. Members of the Commission of Fine Arts argued that the Classic Greek style of the White House would be mutilated simply to create a leisure space for the First Family. It got worse: Political cartoonists satirized the balcony project, claiming that Truman could lose the 1948 presidential election because of his proposed degradation of the White House. The Fine Arts Commission eventually agreed to the proposed balcony but only if the change was approved by the renowned architect William Adams Delano. The Commission believed that Delano would never approve Truman’s balcony. Truman argued that the addition of a balcony would provide shade for the first floor portico, avoid the need for new awnings, and would balance the south face of the White House. While Truman’s reasons were logical and aesthetically accurate, he had personal reasons for wanting a south side balcony: The view from the Oval Room was magnificent but more importantly, Truman hoped that his wife, Bess, would spend more time at the White House given a South Balcony with such a splendid view.

In small acts of vision and leadership amidst resistance, the vision and acumen is often revealed of a President or future president. Despite opposition from the Fine Arts Commission and funding from Congress uncertain, Truman forged ahead with the construction of the now quintessential South Balcony of the White House. Well known for his position that the Buck Stops with the President and given the resistance from Congress, Truman made no request to Congress for the $16,050.74 cost of constructing the South Balcony, for he paid for the balcony from his own household account. Once completed, many of those who vigorously opposed Truman’s Balcony quickly wrote to the President to say that the new balcony substantially improved the south face of the White House.

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