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White House Easter Eggs

Special Note: The price of 24KT gold plated brass Easter eggs fluctuates based on the cost of gold and premium brass at the time the eggs and other ornaments are handmade in the USA.

Easter is an important holiday for many people across the United States. As the spring holiday nears, many households display decorations that include decorative Easter eggs, and the White House is no different. The White House hosts an annual event each year to celebrate Easter with thousands of attendees on the White House South Lawn. The Official White House Gift Shop is proud to carry commemorative Easter Eggs for 2015 and years past for collectors to remember the celebration.

The Easter Egg Roll at the White House

The White House Egg Roll is a tradition that is held on the White House lawn every Easter Monday. The roll is a special egg race for children, where they push their eggs along the lawn with a long spoon. The event also features speeches and appearances from government representatives and entertainment celebrities.

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