President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID with Icons of His Entire First Term, Historic Moments in History Coin, Edge Numbered, Limited Edition, Giannini Series as Seen Worldwide
Historic Moments in History: President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID with Icons of His Entire First Term! Giannini Limited Numbered Edition Art Series Coin

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Final Commemorative Historic Moments in History Series Coin for

President Trump's First Term

"President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID"

This Newest Addition to the WHGS Giannini 4-Year Art Coin Narrative Series Features Superhero Motifs

Limited Numbered Edition with Number on Coin's Front

Presentation Case

Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Note from Designer & Series Creator: Anthony Giannini, CEO, USAF-R

For these past four years, I have created and co-designed the Historic Moments in World History Coin Art, Narrative Series, a series that chronicles historic moments in the unique presidency of President Donald J. Trump. We will continue the "Historic Moments in History" coin collection through the next presidential administration and beyond.

As I predicted that the Korean Summits would occur, with recognition for this prediction in Breitbart News, and when major Media proclaimed otherwise, especially when the Summit was at one point cancelled—we, here at WHGS had Faith: The Summit occured and 100,000 people across the globe acquired the now sold-out Korea Summit Coin which featured a bold head-to-head design and beloved by tens of thousands in both South and North Korea who long for peace.

Now, when we at WHGS first heard the sad news of President Trump's positive COVID test, once again we had faith and prayed, yet we knew our President would find a way to knockout COVID in early rounds of his battle. President Trump, as you know, is a fan of boxing, and the new coin design features more than a hint of superhero qualities in history's most fascinating president. President Trump, whether you are in his corner or not, isa one-of-a-kind, bigger than life, singular energetic force. President Trump's energy fills not merely a room, not merely a stadium, but fills—more like occupies—a mythological space. President Trump is a force and like it or not, hugely powerful forces hugely attract and also hugely repel - one reason for bifurcation of human emotions regarding our most unique pro-American President. President Trump's defeat of COVID is a symbol for each of us that COVID can be beaten, not always, sadly, but more often than the fear of COVID that is relentlessly pounded into us each minute of each hour of each day by many media outlets. President Trump's defeat of COVID is heroic, for, indeed, in action, President Trump embraced experimental approaches for which he has been derided many media outlets.

Thus, I am pleased to announce the pre-release of the final commemorative art coin in the Historic Moments in History Series, a new commemorative that vividly shows President Trump's historic presidential candidacy win, itself, from his descent on the elevator in Trump Tower, against a veritable army of superb Republican presidential candidates confluent with taunts, jeers, sneers by Media naysayers—to present day with design motifs of President Trump's ascendance over and personal defeat of the deadly COVID pandemic virus.

My final coin in this phase of the collection, at least for President Trump's first term, presents icons, or motifs, of his myriad successes across these past four years despite attempts to subvert him from so many negative fronts. How many among us could sustain the continual onslaughts President Trump has endured? Despite these Media onslaughts, President Trump accomplished historic achievements - goals declared as utterly impossible by pundits in the earliest moments of his candidacy, declared as utterly impossibly throughout the course of his presidency—yet goals, nonetheless—dreamed, achieved, accomplished.

- Anthony Giannini

The Historic Moments Coin Art Narrative Series will continue in years to come as we chronicle in controversial commemorative coins as art—significantly controversial moments in U.S. Presidents' History.


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permanent memorandum of President Harry. S. Truman and Members of the United States Secret Service.

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