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  The New American HMS Resolute Desk Designed for Elegance, Functionality, and Technological Sophistication
HMS Resolute Replica Desk

Regular Price: $110,000.00

Product Code: 62140

Our new American HMS Resolute Presidents Desk with Executive Technology is a unique addition to your business, practice, or home.

Queen Victoria gave the original Resolute Desk to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880 and has been in nearly continuous use in the White House up to the present day. It is used today by President Obama.

While the new American Resolute is an exacting as possible replica of the actual HMS Resolute, the White House Gift Shop’s New American Resolute Desk is larger and features sophisticated and seamlessly integrated advanced technologies that can be customized to your field including science, management, medical, legal, engineering, art, banking, or entertainment.

The New Resolute by design is the most sophisticated HMS Resolute Replica in the world -- properly symbolic of the Office of the United States Presidency.

Proceeds from the "entire sale" (possibly via auction) of the New American Resolute Desk will be donated to several Washington DC based philanthropic entities.

Features of the New Resolute include a “near tabletop size” retina-like display (hidden when not used by an automatic retractable panel), in-desk central processor, secondary portable computer with synchronized tablet, private network server for on-off Internet executive communications; popup video conference panel; solid state drives; indestructible safe; particle document shredder or optional laser incinerator; advanced executive analysis and decision support software and firmware options including dialogue guided scenario generation, game equilibrics, dynamic knowledge network building, stochastic process analysis, entangled heuristics with emulated cognitive moments of creative intimations and emergents (Giannini proprietary design), complete STAT packs, dynamic aggregation, metadaptive resource access control/redirection, and optional programs for traditional discrete or continuous systems simulations; personal security options such as continuous presence sensing; personal bioelectronics (available in a chair-resident option) for executive health monitoring with continuous or periodic reporting to your physician or medical facility (requires biometric and bioelectronics package options and chair), an entertainment and gaming package for those moments when creative and strategic thinking flows best while at play or relaxing, and much more

For collectors of historical items, one cabinet of the Resolute contains actual historical items from all United States Presidents and from Queen Victoria (items selected by you as option choices).

The prototype is presently in development in Lancaster County, PA and Washington DC by a White House Gift Shop design team of strategists, artists, technologists, and fine furniture woodworkers.

The new American Resolute Presidents’ Desk was designed as an experimental project by Giannini and a cohort of scientists, artists, and technologists to explore new ways to aesthetically integrate advanced technology within fine wood furniture.

We cannot reveal at this time most of the design secrets of our new Resolute replica desk; however, at first glance, our Resolute desk is an exacting replica as possible of the original HMS Resolute desk from Queen Victoria but created anew for unique collectibility, extreme functionality, technological sophistication, and relative ease of use. The White House Gift Shop' New Resolute can be customized for corporations, legal or medical offices, universities, departments of government and, of course, for entertainment and pure enjoyment.

Our American Resolute is 100% hand-crafted in the USA by American master woodworkers with your choice of optional hardwoods including teak, cherry, Carpathian elm burl, mahogany, or oak.

From initial hardwood selection to fine milling to perfect hand-carving to seamless integration of sophisticated technologies – our New American Resolute Presidents’ desk sets a new standard in the synthesis of advanced technologies with historic and fine wood furniture. A key design goal was to make technology invisible unless in active use which required our design team to invent new fastening and motorized track systems to achieve this central aesthetic goal. No government or taxpayer funds, direct or indirect, are used in the creation of the New American Resolute Presidents and Executive Desk.

The prototype will be available in 2015 with Patents Pending. "Do Not Order Online -- Available Only When Completed and by Purchase Order and Agreement." For project and availability updates, send a request to store@whitehousegiftshop.com