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In this department of the White House Gift Shop, you will find apparel, gear, and collectibles both tactical and patriotic designed or selected solely for members of U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division, Law Enforcement Officers both States and Federal, as well as gifts and products for First Responders. Some of the products coming soon include tactical lights, Surfire lights, jackets, pants, shirts, gloves, hats, headwear, boots, BDU style apparel, Thin Blue Line gifts, and more. You can also special order products not offered online at significants reduced prices by writing to giannini@whitehousegiftshop.com Some of the special products require state or federal "direct" law enforcement community membership.

The roots of the White House Gift Shop began in 1946 when Secret Service / White House Police Officer Leslie Coffelt died while defending President Harry S. Truman from an assasination attempt outside of Blair House. Moved by the heroic and selfless actions of Officer Coffelt, President Truman issued a permanent presidential memorandum creating what soon became the only original White House Gift Shop in history - this gift shop.

Operated solely for 70 years by volunteers of the Uniformed Division of Secret Service, we now honor this tradition by offering highly desired tactical and general law enforcement themed gifts and products in this department of the White House Gift Shop.

Today, the "only official original" White House Gift Shop® actively supports Law Enforcement Agencies or Departments by directly funding advanced firearms training programs, on-site, for law enforcement officers as well as providing new arms (via our authorized FFL agent) for departments in smaller jurisdictions (typically up to 70 officers).

Officers who are trained to superior levels of rapid response thinking skills, situation management, and arms deployment are officers who are signigicantly better able to protect you, your community, and their own safety and lives.