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At the White House Gift Shop, you can find many collectibles and gifts that make great additions to Air Force One and Military collections. We offer a wide range of gifts including lapel pins¸ glassware, and apparel

Thank you for your support of the only authorized original White House Gift Shop established in 1946 as the White House Flower Fund.

On 16 December 1950, by memorandum of President Harry S. Truman, General Harry Vaughan, and the Inspector of United States Secret Service, the White House Flower Fund became the White House Security Fund which soon, thereafter, became the White House Gift Shop. Once located in the basement of the White House, we are online now, solely at this site, for your convenience and accessibility.

We cannot stress enough our gratitude for your support. No government funds or resources, direct or indirect, are ever used in the operation of the White House Gift Shop.

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SOLD OUT! Decanter & Glasses, USAF Air Force Capitol Decanter Set, 4 Glasses, Decanter and Wood Case, Heritage Pewter, 2014 Easter Eggs, Complete Set of Three: White House, Air Force One & Camp David Retreat, Handblown Glass, Gold Engraved, Currents of Clears & Vibrant Color, Symbols of Rebirth, Sequence # on Base, Made in USA, Sequence # Etched in Base, Allow 1 Week
Regular Price: $148.00
Regular Price: $118.00
2014 Complete Easter Egg Collection

Complete Set of 2014 Annual Glass White House Easter Eggs: The White House, Air Force One, Camp David Presidential Retreat. Helps Support Art Residency -- individually made in a community of American glass artists and painters.

The 2014 Easter eggs are especially beautiful pieces that feature made in the USA hand-blown art glass, 24KT gold intricate engraving, and sequence numbers etched on the bottom of each egg, a feature collectors and gift givers enjoy. Each egg is individually and meticulously made and engraved, one by one using old world methods; hence, our supply at any given time is low. Groups of people watch as these eggs are hand-blown -- making your collection of gift elegantly unique: No two eggs are ever alike. The symbolism of the egg is as ancient as the earliest human societies with the archetype of the primordial egg as the center of the origin of the universe emerging from the original and divinely created Egg.

Decanter & Glasses, Army Decanter Set, 4 Glasses and Decanter, 15 Ounce Glasses, Heritage Pewter, Made in the USA, SPECIAL ORDER, ALLOW THREE WEEKS Golf Shirt, Air Force One Presidential Crew, Guest Syle, Full Seal, Embroidered, Three Button Placket, Black, Wrinkle Resistant Cotton & Poly Performance Blend, From the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946
Regular Price: $98.00
Regular Price: $48.00
Air Force One Golf Shirt
24 ounce glass decanter
Four 14 ounce double old fashioned glasses

Folios & Pens: Air Force One Folio & Two-Piece High Profile Lacquer Pen in White House Seal Box, Black, Refills Available in Pen Section, Gold Embossed Seal, Inside Flap, Pen Slot, Card Holder, Stitched, Uses 8.5" x 11" Standard Paper Pads (one included) US Army Seal Flag, Tapestry and Blanket, L 48" x W 69:, Made in the USA by American Textile Workers for the White House Gift Shop
Regular Price: $54.00
Sale: $48.00
Regular Price: $48.00
Air Force One Folio
Air Force One Guest Style Folio and Pen Set: The White House two-piece high profile roller ball pen with sleek black lacquer finish and 24K gold-plated trim has a sleek profile with a substantial presence and smooth black ink flow of a $120.00 or more pen with the added distinction of a White House Seal black and gold  two piece presentation box. This is a high profile guest style set with strong  American presence, just like Air Force One.  Uses standard medium point roller ball black ink refill cartridges.  The Air Force One folio and pen set is a perfect way to remember your guest or press status aboard Air Force One and to remember your service to America in the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of government or your service to America as a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Guardsman, or Airman.  This Air For One set from the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946 by permanent order of President H. S. Truman is a favorite gift or collectible of diplomats, Boeing aircrews, and and patriotic Americans.  This set, of course, is also meaningful and fun for daily use!  See also the new White House and Air Force One bound journal books in perfectly simulated Italian leather available soon in the Office & Home Study section of the White House Gift Shop. The United States Army Flag blanket and throw is Made in the USA for the White House Gift Shop by skilled American artisans and textile workers using high quality 100% cotton thread in vibrant colors. Machine washable, tumble dry cool. The United States Army flag, itself, is a replica in blue of the War Office Seal set on a white field. Beneath the seal is a scarlet scroll with the inscription in white letters, United States Army with the date below of 1775 which is the year the Continental Army was created with the appointment of General George Washington as Commander-in-Chief. The replica in blue of the War Office Seal became official on 12 June 1956 by Executive Order 10670 of President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Length: 48 inches. Width: 69 inches

WHGS 5154-A
Sweatshirt, Air Force One, Presidential Crew, Weather Protection Hoodie, Black, White House GS, Embroidered United States Protocol The Guide to Official Diplomatic Etiquette, Hardcover, White House Gift Shop Gold Seal on Back Cover for Collection Value & Gift Giving Meaning
Regular Price: $48.00
Regular Price: $48.00
United States Protocol
United States Protocol is a must-have reference for communicating with government and business officials, international organizations, and high-level military personnel, both in the United States and abroad. Everything you need is presented in a comprehensive, detailed, and well-organized book that makes it easy to navigate official protocol. Former President Bill Clinton says in his foreword that it is "an authoritative user's manual for international relations, it promises to become an indispensable reference—not only for those in Washington, but for all Americans in contact with people in other nations." Ambassador Mary Mel French uses her personal experience as a former Chief of Protocol to give us the most up-to-date and user-friendly guide to diplomatic protocol at the international, national, and state level. She includes meticulous instructions, in-depth diagrams and tables, a comprehensive table of contents, and a plethora of examples that make United States Protocol the perfect guide to any official event.
Military Pin Collection, Brass, Baked Enamels, Protective Finish, All Five Military Service Pins: USMC, USAF, USA, USN, USCG, Includes Black Velvet Jewelry Case Portfolio, Air Force One Classic Folio, Seal Blue & Gold Embossed, Inside Flap, Pen Slot, Card Holder, Stitched, Uses 8.5" x 11" Standard Paper Pads (one included)
Regular Price: $38.00
Regular Price: $28.00
Military Pins Air Force One Folio
You receive one each of "all five" Military Service Pins: Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard.
Air Force One Embroidered Golf Towel Set with Sleeve of Three AF-1 Golf Balls from the White House Gift Shop, Est. 1946 Portfolio, Air Force One Classic Folio, Appx. 6" x "8" Medium Size, Seal Blue & Gold Embossed, Inside Flap, Pen Slot, Card Holder, Stitched, Uses 5" x 7" Standard Paper Pads (one included)
Regular Price: $24.00
Regular Price: $23.95
Air Force One Golf Set Air Force One Folio
T-Shirt, Air Force One Presidential Crew, Embroidered Tee Shirt, Presidential Seal, Chevrons, Athletic Gray, Preshrunk Cotton, HOLIDAY SALE, NEARLY SOLD OUT! Air Force One T-Shirt, Round Seal, AF-1 Presidential Crew, Navy Blue,Preshrunk Cotton, Made in the USA, Newest Design, Available Now in Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, Made In The USA, HOLIDAY SALE
Regular Price: $24.00
Sale: $19.95
Regular Price: $23.95
Sale: $18.95
Gray Air Force One T-Shirt
Daron Air Force Marine One Presidential Helicopter, USMC VH-3D, Die Cast & Plastic with Moving Parts, Pre-Season Sale from the White House Gift Shop! TO BE A U.S. SECRET SERVICE AGENT, Paperback, White House Gift Shop Gold Seal on Back Cover for Collection & Gift Value
List Price: $21.95
Regular Price: $18.95
List Price: $21.95
Regular Price: $14.95
Secret Service Book
It takes a special type of individual to be a U.S. Secret Service agent, one willing to “take a bullet” to preserve the ideals on which the United States was founded. To Be a U.S. Secret Service Agent lifts the curtain for a look inside this secretive law enforcement agency, including the highly selective recruiting, the intense training, and the specialized weapons and equipment used to protect current and past Presidents, Vice Presidents, their families, and visiting heads of state. Includes a special chapter for the Specialized Units of the Secret Service Uniformed Division

Editorial Reviews: Bookwatch, “If you want to be a member of the U.S. Secret Service, you must have Henry’s Holden’s To Be a U.S. Secret Service Agent. It provides a blend of history and insights on the secretive law enforcement agency, from how it recruits and trains to the specialized equipment it uses to protect the heads of state. To Be a U.S. Secret Service Agent is the only book to combine a history with coverage of career options and paths. As such, it is a top recommendation. About the Author: Henry M. Holden is the author of over 600 magazine articles, 11 adult and 19 children's books. In 1994 he received the "Author's Award" from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and that same year he was mentioned in the Congressional Record.

History of the U.S. Secret Service: The Secret Service was established after the Civil War by the Treasury Department, originally to protect American currency against counterfeiters. After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress directed the Secret Service to protect the President of the United States. Protection remains the primary mission of the United States Secret Service.
Air Force One Mug, Air Force One, Presidential Crew, White,11-OZ, Great for All Ages! Intelligence Community Mouse Pad & Mouse Mat, Sale!
Regular Price: $10.50
Regular Price: $9.95